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WebbTrax - A Web Design, Development, eCommerce, Hosting & SEO Company in Pakistan

Case Studies


    Pak Qatar Takaful Group, the very first composite and arguably the fastest growing Takaful operator in Pakistan, is the ‘onestop shop’ for all Takaful requirements. Under this group currently two different companies are being operated, one is Pak Qatar Family Takaful catering to all family life Takaful needs, and the second one is Pak Qatar General Takaful, meeting all general Takaful needs. They organization is looking to promote Takaful amongst the masses, encompassing education and awareness, and present an image that is consistent with their ideological values and at the same time they are providing financial protection through Takaful, to everyone. Determined towards providing high quality products which meet the needs of the public PQTG want to ensure the accurate representation of Takaful amongst the community.

    The Challenge
    The Pak Qatar Takaful Group website was first launched in 2007. Since then, no major structural change had been made. Aesthetically, it desperately needed to be more presentable so as to be able to register an impression over the viewer of the corporate image of Pak Qatar Takaful Group and direct this effort to build
    Brand image and reputation.

    Alongside this, there were several express requirements, indicating that a significant redesign was needed:

    • The site had seen a massive growth in content since it was not designed with futuristic approach so it appeared to be overflowing.
    • Website needed to undergo an update, precisely in terms of content and features.
    • The update process should have been smooth allowing the addition to in turn reflect fresh content easily.
    • The site was not easily navigable and the structure of pages was not unified.
    • Not only the contents were mismanaged, but also there was no search facility available.
    • Security was utmost priority and strong security measures needed to be incorporated.
    • Website was extremely missing out on catchy visuals, sophisticated animations and sleek design.

    EfroTech’s Analysis & Solution
    EfroTech’s preproduction team started a thorough analysis of the issues with the existing site, and the requirements from a business perspective. After completing this process and evaluation EfroTech started the designing phase and suggested few mockups with the close intervention of Pak Qatar Group Takaful’s team and nailed down one layout with a unanimous decision. Right away the designing and development began simultaneously which lead to a trendy and contemporary website.

    Some Key Features of this website:

    • This featured website is built on latest yet superior Microsoft .Net technology.
    • It is almost fully customized, and flexible to adapt to any change.
    • With very ease of use having the salient attribute of CMS (Content Management System), allows 80% to 90% update control in terms of data, contents and web pages additions. Not only is the facility of entire theme change but drag and dropping of objects is also available at the backend, while all changes are reflected in realtime.
    • Interactive and very user friendly interface.
    • Properly managed content and able to be navigable across the entire site.
    • Very secure and anti hacking.
    • Cool pictorials and very crispy and lively flash based objects make the site very attractive.
    • Bilingual: Text is available in English and Urdu.

    The website received a complete overhaul and now is a reflection of the Pak Qatar Takaful brand, with allure, harm and elegance. The caliber and presentation is clean, clear and interactive, with a creative mindset firmly on attracting viewers and providing them with an intuitive online experience, EfroTech’s creative team conceptualized a completely new look and feel by way of design which was well operational with the above mentioned features.

    The result is a site design worthy of everyone’s attention; consolidated and reorganized navigation together with unique design and modern techniques work well with the clear and concise presentation of key information and product imagery. The site was successfully launched and received a great deal of attention of target audience and clients of Pak Qatar Takaful Group.


    Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases

    gets a facelift-

    Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases (KIHD) is one of the main tertiary care teaching hospitals of Pakistan. It is located in the center of the largest city of Paksitan, and started functioning on June 3, 2005. The main function of the institute is to undertake modern treatment of cardiovascular diseases, carry out research on prevention and control of such diseases and undertake training of medical students and nurses both undergraduate and postgraduate level and develops itself into a center of excellence for treatment of heart diseases.

    KIHD is a 170 beds teaching hospital, including 22 beds fully equipped Emergency Room, CCU, Medical Wards, Surgical Wards, Private Wards, Intensive Care Unit, Two Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories, Two Surgical Theaters, ECHO, ETT and Nuclear Imaging Department, Rehabilitation Center, Research Department and Laboratory for routine blood investigations.

    Challenges & Issues

    Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases (KIHD) was looking to revamp their website. Their old website was stale, desperately needed a new face, likewise information also needed to be updated because there was not a single word updated since then it was launched. Website is widely accepted as the fastest interaction medium of three main aspects i.e. Communication, Marketing and Customer care. It becomes compulsive to have a website, which communicates your activities, interacts with public, accepts and handles their feedback/inquires, receptive to them.

    The old site however was not up to the task. It was difficult to update and not able to cope with the evolving demands and requirements of the KIHD. As a result, patients & doctors were simply not using it, and the management of the KIHD website was costly and inefficient. The Information Technology team at KIHD had to turn to eMage (The creative division of EfroTech) with the help of Efroze Chemical Industries – The Heart Care Company – who realized the need for an effective website and timely sponsored KIHD’s web project in the larger interest of public and KIHD. Efroze has been contributing to the goodwill of the community with an aim to become a reliable partner in nation building.


    Creative team of eMage was quickly able to understand the issues facing the KIHD and establish their requirements for the new website. eMage recommended using its own developed Content Managed System (CMS), enabling easy and regular updating of information and handing back-end management control to the KIHD. This specific content management system is also a developed product of eMage. The site had to be completely re-designed to better reflect the professional status of the KIHD. The goal was to create an exciting, elegant, and lively new portal site that could capture and hold visitors on the site. The site features a large animated homepage with sparkling transitions, and very stylish effects that attract the visitor’s attention.

    There were few important aspects to balance in the re-design effort:

    • Creating a WOW effect in design
    • Improving the user experience for patients and doctors; conveying a family-centered care philosophy
    • Up-to-date information availability and help patients interact with the Doctors/management of KIHD
    • Create a stronger call to action for donors

    The eMage Difference

    eMage has built its reputation on web development over the years. Prior to the redesign, the website was loaded with great content that meets all the basic requirements, but it was built over time and navigated like a house with multiple room additions.

    By using purpose-shot quality photos eMage accomplished two goals: conveyed the personal, caring side of KIHD’s hospital while also depicting a realistic feel of environment and treatment for the patients and families of patients.

    eMage overhauled the site design on the latest .NET platform which ensures a  long life for the website and provides enhanced security with specific care towards usability for both patients as well as doctors. eMage provided the new look and feel of the site, including imagery and a multitude of small promotional graphics and icons. eMage has provided KIHD a very vigorous and friendly CMS, enabling them flawlessly update their website with new contents. New website is featuring well attractive design, prevailing flash intro header, catchy effects and very sleek layout.

    Results and benefits

    The website was inaugurated at the 4th annual Dr. Abdul Haq Khan Memorial Symposium being held on 4th to 6th February 2011 and got rave appreciation.

    The new final design is visually engaging and quickly conveys the caring, personal side of KIHD’s hospital while the page layout easily identifies sections of the website, title and hyperlinks, loaded with keywords, improve the SEO.  

    eMage’s newly developed clean information architecture, consistent design, and photography selection makes viewing this website a pleasure. The site also includes a Google map, directions and route information to help people who want to make visit to the hospital. There is lot of information for doctors’ interest as well, as they can view and download presentations presented at Dr. Abdul Haq Khan Memorial Symposiums. KIHD is now able to continually update their website with new contents through a very robust and friendly CMS.

    Now visitors can get very useful info related to health, departments, clinic schedules, donations etc. This web portal is surely facilitating patients and helping them to interact with the Doctors while ensuring that all the required information is available to the patients with greater deal of efficiency and convenience.

    To learn more about services and expertise of eMage – The Creative Division of EfroTech with its motto “Designs that mean Business”, please visit and request for the best proposal for your website development.